Worldwide 5G Industry Fora Session 2019

Date: Monday September 30
Time: 11:00 – 18:30
Room: Conference Room 2

5G Trends and Collaborations: Regional Visions, Verticals and Inter-Regional Cooperation Activities

Governmental entities and several research bodies from different regions of the globe, are conducting studies and efforts in order to shape up 5G, accelerate its deployment, and test its potential performance in real world. In the ITU-R, the process of developing Recommendations for the terrestrial components of the IMT-2020 radio interface(s) is on-going and the final IMT-2020 specifications are expected by March 2020. In the 3GPP, 5G specific first functionalities are under standardization (Release 15) and their finalization was done in September 2018, whereas the full 5G vision (Release 16) is expected by March 2020. 5G first commercialization is planned by many countries in the coming few years. In this worldwide industry sessions, we invite leading 5G industry associations from different regions and countries to share and discuss their current activities, visions and future roadmaps towards 5G deployment, and also to develop on international industry collaboration.

  1. Regional visions and involvement of verticals: While the 5G standards process assures ubiquity and interoperability, regional considerations may create different visions of 5G as operators analyze their spectrum portfolio, develop 5G trials, use cases with verticals, and other technological considerations surface.
  2. Spectrum, standardisation and deployments roadmap towards Full 5G vision and IMT-2020: What is the target spectrum and candidate bands and when will it be decided? What is the image of 5G first deployments (Dense urban, Rural, Stadium…). What is the roadmap for 5G deployments? And how to make 5G first deployments successful? What is the involvement of verticals in 5G standardisation and developments ?
  3. International industry cooperation: What are the possible cross-continental collaborations and joint inter-regional projects toward the success of 5G?


Session 1
Moderator: Latif Ladid, IEEE 5G World Forum Co-Chair
11:00 Keynote: Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist, Wireless Technologies, China Mobile Research Institute, 5G China
11:30 Heinz Bernold, Boston Consulting Group, Switzerland
12:00 Ashutosh Dutta, Founding Co-Chair IEEE 5G Initiative
12:30 Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, Chairman Institute of Economic and Social
Research on Telecommunications (IREST)
13:00 Lunch
Session 2
Moderator: Jean-Pierre BienaiméChairman Institute of Economic and Social
Research on Telecommunications (IREST)
14:00 Prof. Muriel Médard, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science , Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 5G USA
14:25 Mr. Takehiro Nakamura, 5G Japan
14:50 Prof. Dr. Seref Sagiroglu, 5G Turkey
15:15 Narang N. Kishor, 5G India
15:40 Markus Dillinger, 5GAA
16:00 Coffee Break
Session 3 
Moderator: Jean-Pierre Bienaimé, IREST
16:30 Panel Session:
Chih-Lin I, Chief Scientist, Wireless Technologies, China Mobile Research Institute
Mr. Takehiro Nakamura, 5G Japan
Markus Dillinger, 5GAA
Prof. Muriel Médard, 5G USA
Ashutosh Dutta, Founding Co-Chair IEEE 5G Initiative


Chih-Lin I, China Mobile

Chih-Lin I received her Ph.D. degree in electrical engineering from Stanford University. She has been working at multiple world-class companies and research institutes leading the R&D, including AT&T Bell Labs; Director of AT&T HQ, Director of ITRI Taiwan, and VPGD of ASTRI Hong Kong. She received the IEEE Trans. COM Stephen Rice Best Paper Award, is a winner of the CCCP National 1000 Talent Program, and has won the 2015 Industrial Innovation Award of IEEE Communication Society for Leadership and Innovation in Next-Generation Cellular Wireless Networks. In 2011, she joined China Mobile as its Chief Scientist of wireless technologies, established the Green Communications Research Center, and launched the 5G Key Technologies R&D. She is spearheading major initiatives including 5G, C-RAN, high energy efficiency system architectures, technologies and devices; and green energy. She was an Area Editor of IEEE/ACM Trans. NET, an elected Board Member of IEEE ComSoc, Chair of the ComSoc Meetings and Conferences Board, and Founding Chair of the IEEE WCNC Steering Committee. She was a Professor at NCTU, an Adjunct Professor at NTU, and currently an Adjunct Professor at BUPT. She is the Chair of FuTURE 5G SIG, an Executive Board Member of GreenTouch, a Network Operator Council Founding Member of ETSI NFV, a Steering Board Member of WWRF, the ComSoc Rep of IEEE 5G Initiative, a member of IEEE ComSoc SDB, SPC, and CSCN-SC, and a Scientific Advisory Board Member of Singapore NRF. Her current research interests center around “Green, Soft, and Open.”

Heinz Bernold, Boston Consulting Group

Heinz Bernold is an Associate Director at the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). He is a member of BCG’s Technology, Media and Telecommunications practice area, serving clients worldwide. He specializes in technology & network strategy and spectrum auctions. Before re-joining BCG, Heinz worked at Swisscom as Head of Strategy & Innovation responsible for Network, IT & Wholesale business.

Ashutosh Dutta, Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labs

Ashutosh Dutta is currently Senior Wireless Communication Research Scientist at Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Labs (JHU/APL). Most recently he served as Principal Member of Technical Staff at AT&T Labs in Middletown, New Jersey. His career, spanning more than 30 years, includes Director of Technology Security and Lead Member of Technical Staff at AT&T, CTO of Wireless at a Cybersecurity company NIKSUN, Inc., Senior Scientist in Telcordia Research, Director of Central Research Facility at Columbia University, adjunct faculty at NJIT, and Computer Engineer with TATA Motors. He has more than 90 conference and journal publications, three book chapters, and 30 issued patents. Ashutosh is co-author of the book, titled, “Mobility Protocols and Handover Optimization: Design,Evaluation and Application,” published by IEEE and John & Wiley that has recently been translated into Chinese Language. Ashutosh served as the chair for IEEE Princeton / Central Jersey Section, Industry Relation Chair for Region 1 and MGA, Pre-University Coordinator for IEEE MGA and vice chair of Education Society Chapter of PCJS. He co-founded the IEEE STEM conference (ISEC) and helped to implement EPICS (Engineering Projects in Community Service) projects in several high schools. Ashutosh currently serves as the Director of Industry Outreach for IEEE Communications Society and is the founding co-chair for IEEE 5G initiative. He also serves as IEEE Communications Society’s Distinguished Lecturer for 2017-2018. He was recipient of the prestigious 2009 IEEE MGA Leadership award and 2010 IEEE-USA professional leadership award. Ashutosh obtained his BS in Electrical Engineering from NIT Rourkela, India, MS in Computer Science from NJIT, and Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering from Columbia University under the supervision of Prof. Henning Schulzrinne. Ashutosh is a senior member of IEEE and ACM.

Prof. Muriel Médard, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science , Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Prof. Muriel Médard is the Cecil H. Green Professor in the Electrical Engineering and Computer Science Department at MIT and leads the Network Coding and Reliable Communications Group at the Research Laboratory for Electronics at MIT. She has co-founded two companies to commercialize network coding, CodeOn and Steinwurf. She has served as editor for many publications of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE), of which she was elected Fellow, and she is currently Editor in Chief of the IEEE Journal on Selected Areas in Communications. She was President of the IEEE Information Theory Society in 2012, and served on its board of governors for eleven years. She has served as technical program committee co-chair of many of the major conferences in information theory, communications and networking.

Prof. Dr. Seref Sagiroglu

Seref Sagiroglu was born in Antalya, Turkey. He is a full professor of software engineering since 2007, and chairman of computer engineering department. He has published more than 300 papers in different subjects including computer, electrical and electronic engineering especially on the topics:, linear and nonlinear intelligent system identification, recognition and modeling, and control. Artificial neural networks and applications, heuristic algorithms (genetic, tabu), industrial robots, smart antenna analysis and design, Internet and Information Systems and Applications, Secure Software Development, Cryptology, Steganography, Information and Computer Security, Electronic Signatures and Public Key Infrastructure, Mobile Electronic Signature, Spyware, Cyber Security, Critical Infrastructure Security, Social Networking and Security, IPv6, Decision Support System, Software Engineering, Personal and Enterprise Information Security and its Standards, Cyber Security, Big Data Analytics. He has 5 national and one USPA patents.

More than 60 papers have been cited in SCI database of Thomson Reuters. His papers have received more than 3000 citations. He has been invited speakers and keynoters more than 20 national and international conferences, Workshops, Symposiums such as ISDFS, ISCTurkey, UN, IDC, TBD, IEEE, etc. Prof. Sagiroglu is a member of BGD, TUBAV, TBD, IEEE, ISACA and IEEE Biometric Task Force.  Last ten years, he has been concentrated his studies on information and cyber security and big data analytics. He is a Cyber Security Board Member of Higher Education Council of Turkey (YÖK) since 2013.  He is the Editor-in-Chief of two journals: International Journal of Information Security Science ( and International Journal of Information Security Engineering ( (in Turkish). He contributed and organized many national and international conferences, workshops and symposiums: ICMLA, ISCTURKEY, ISDFS, ICRERA, IPv6, UBMK, etc.).

Mr. Takehiro Nakamura

Mr. Takehiro Nakamura joined NTT Laboratories in 1990. He is now SVP and General Manager of the 5G Laboratories in NTT DOCOMO, Inc.
Mr. Nakamura has been engaged in the standardization activities for the W-CDMA, HSPA, LTE/LTE-Advanced and 5G at ARIB in Japan since 1997. He has been the Acting Chairman of Strategy & Planning Committee of 5G Mobile Communications Promotion Forum(5GMF) in Japan since October 2014.
Mr. Nakamura has also been contributing to standardization activities in 3GPP since1999, including as a contributor to 3GPP TSG-RAN as chairman from April 2009 to March 2013.
He is also very active in standardization of C-V2X/Connected Car in ARIB and ITS Info-communications Forum in Japan. He is now a leader of Cellular System Task Group of ITS Info-communications Forum.

Narang N. Kishor is Technology Consultant, Mentor & Design Architect in Electrical, Electronics & ICT with over 40 years of professional experience in education, research, design and consulting. Over 30 years of hardcore Research and Design Development Experience in Solutions, Systems, Products, Hardware, Software & Firmware (Embedded Software) in fields of Industrial, Power, IT, Telecom, Medical, Energy and Environment, and over 10 years of Consultancy Experience to different segments of business & industry.  He has over 200 Research & Design Mentees in the Electronics, ICT & STI Ecosystems. Professionally, he is an Electronics Design Engineer practicing design & development of a wide spectrum of Products, Systems & Solutions as an Independent Design House – NARNIX since 1981.

Kishor has been leading & contributing in multiple National & Global Standardization Initiatives at BIS, Niti Ayog, TSDSI, IEC, ISO, ITU, IEEE etc. he is leading Standardization activities @BIS – the Indian National SDO in – Smart Cities, Smart Manufacturing, Smart Energy & Active Assisted Living as the Chairman of Smart Infrastructure Sectional Committee LITD 28 in BIS.  

His major contribution in Global SDOs:

  • Vice Chair – Strategy & Convenor – Reference Architecture WG in IEC Systems Committee on Smart Cities
  • Project Leader – IEC TS 63188 ED1 – Smart Cities Reference Architecture Methodology
  • Project Leader – IEC 63205 ED1 – Smart Cities Reference Architecture
  • Co-Editor – ISO 30145 on Smart City ICT Reference Framework
  • Co-Editor – ISO 30146 on Smart City ICT Indicators

Representing Indian National Body BIS & contributing with Indian perspective in

  • IEC – SyC Smart Cities SyC Smart Energy, SyC Active Assisted Living & SyC Smart manufacturing. IEC – SEG1, SEG3, SEG4, SEG6, SEG7, SEG8, SEG9 & SEG10.
  • ISO – TC 268 on Sustainable Development in Communities.
  • ISO/IEC JTC1/SC 41 – Internet of Things & related Technologies, JTC1/SC 42 – Big Data & Artificial Intelligence; and JTC1/WG11 – Smart Cities.
  • ITU-T SG20 – Internet of Things (IoT) and its applications including smart cities and communities (SC&C).
  • IEEE Smart Cities & Internet of Things Steering Committees.

For last 10 years, deeply involved in Standardization in the Electrical, Electronics, Communication and Information Technology Domains with focus on Identifying Gaps in Standards to address Interoperable Systems & Solutions Deployments and bring Harmonization by defining standardized interfaces to ensure End-to-End Interoperability.

Currently, Kishor is developing a Comprehensive “5G inclusive ICT Architecture for Critical Infrastructure” and leading the 5G Application Layer Standards development in India.


Jean-Pierre Bienaimé 
Chairman Institute of Economic and Social
Research on Telecommunications (IREST)

Latif Ladid
Founder & President, IPv6 Forum
IEEE 5G Initiative Co-Chair, Conferences

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