Workshop on 5G Security: Current Trends, Challenges and New Enablers

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After the successful workshop organized in 2020, this year we propose to have a new edition. The 5G long term vision is to “turn the network into an energy-efficient distributed computer that enables agile and dynamic creation, move and suppression of processes and services in response to changing customer demands and information flows, and supports interaction with humans through new communication modes, such as gestures, facial expressions, sound, haptics, etc. To make this vision a reality, a shift towards a full automation of network and service management and operation is a necessity. However, a major challenge facing full automation is the protection of the network and system assets (i.e., services, data and network infrastructure) against potential cybersecurity risks introduced by the unprecedented evolving 5G threat landscape. Indeed, the risk of full automation is the ability to replicate a small isolated error or attack broadly and rapidly, putting the entire critical ecosystem (multi-party/tenant/technologies) into peril.

Although work on security has been engaged throughout the successive phases of 5G-PPP Programme (e.g., 5G-ENSURE, CHARISMA, NRG-5) and some results were achieved, if not already adopted by Standards Developing Organizations (SDOs) in the field (e.g. 3GPP), addressing 5G security concerns is far from being completely resolved. Existing solutions suffer from a number of limitations.

It is well understood that many Standards for these dimensions are being developed in SDOs beyond 3GPP, ITU & IEEE. And hence, to ensure widespread and structured proliferation of 5G technologies, it would be imperative to address all the aspects and dimensions of the 5G paradigm comprehensively by involving a wide spectrum of stakeholders and SDOs beyond 3GPP, ITU & IEEE. 5G has an impact on various applications. It is necessary to study the impact 5G has on some of the critical applications and define use cases for the identified applications.

The workshop is aimed at discussing the emerging 5G security in a holistic manner to understand the Challenges, Opportunities & Standardization Imperatives and define the way forward and immediate next steps to ensure ubiquitous adoption of 5G globally.

  • Security, privacy and trust in 5G
  • Current and future trends in 5G Security
  • Testbeds for 5G in security
  • AI-driven Software-Defined Security (SD-SEC)
  • Standardization efforts and initiatives for 5G Security
  • Smart security of future connective systems
  • zero-touch management (ZTM)
  • AI/ML techniques in security for 5G networks
  • Verticals’ and standard’s security requirements
  • Trust and liability in 5G

Submit a paper by 15 September 2021

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