Tutorial: Deep learning for 5G networks

Date Time Room Presenter Affiliation
30/9/2019 16:30 – 17:30 Seminar room 7

Manjunath Iyer


Wipro Limited



The mighty size of the 5g Networks calls for real time monitoring and coordinated execution of a large number of modules to share the resources, allocate priorities for the connections and eventually ensure a smooth end-to-end connectivity among millions of devices at a time. This type of task management requires built in intelligence in the system. The advancements happening in Artificial intelligence technologies, specifically in deep learning comes handy to address this requirement. This tutorial provides techniques to assist the 5G technologies using deep learning algorithms and architectures.

The tutorial touches up on the resource management, scalability, prioritization, security, SLA etc. A brief introduction to deep learning architectures spanning the MLP, CNN and the LSTM and their variants would be provided. Followed by that, the issues discussed would be analysed with deep learning solution. The tutorial provides better insights to the working of the 5G and the issues faced while providing the network service. The different deep learning techniques provided would inspire competing solutions and research projects


Dr Manjunath Ramachandra is working as Principal consultant at the CTO office of Wipro Limited, Bangalore, India. He has filed about 60 patents, chaired 33 conferences, conducted 17 tutorials and workshops, delivered 21 keynotes, authored 180 Research papers and a book. He was a key member in the TDLS task force of Wi-Fi Alliance, served as the editor for the regional profiles standard in Digital living network alliance (DLNA) and as theĀ  industry liaison officer for the CE-Linux Forum. His areas of research include communications, deep learning, AI applications etc.