Tutorial: Automatic and big data-empowered system management through TuplOS

Date Time Room Speakers Affiliation
1/10/2019 15:00 – 16:00 Seminar room 7 Pablo Tapia & David Palacios Tupl


The size and complexity of current and forthcoming industry use cases make their management become cumbersome, making the deployment of scalable and flexible tools for process management automation a pressing need. Consequently, Tupl has developed TuplOS®: a big data-empowered set of functionalities under a machine learning approach, specially devised for this task. This session aims at providing an overall vision of TuplOS® operation under a realistic use case for process automation: root cause analysis and action recommendation in a cellular network.


Pablo Tapia founded Tupl after a 15 years career in wireless, where he worked on multiple roles across various areas and disciplines. Prior to joining Tupl, Pablo was a Member of the Engineering Staff at T-Mobile USA, where he led major technology projects, including the development of Self-Organizing Networks (SON), the design and deployment of Quality of Service (QoS) techniques, as well as spearheading the evolution to HSPA+ and LTE. Before joining T-Mobile, Pablo led a development team at Optimi, a software startup developing optimization solutions for operators, and held various positions at Nokia Networks R\&D. He is an author and contributor to several books on Wireless technologies. Pablo holds a MSc EE from the University of Malaga, Spain.

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