Start-up Forum 2019

Date: Tuesday 1 October 2019
Time: 11:00 – 18:30
Room: Seminar Room 6


Time Speaker Presentation Title
11:00 – 11:15 Opening by Forum Co-Chair
11:15 – 12:00 Forum Keynote

Peter Misek, Founding Partner, Framework Venture Partners, Toronto, Canada

Innovation in 5G

The presentation will cover the exciting opportunities and start-ups that will emerge alongside widespread adoption of 5G. It will also highlight the risks and indicate the barriers start-ups face when leveraging this technology. Finally, we’ll showcase our evaluation strategy, highlight what in a start-up is indicative of future success, and demonstrate how we can all support young companies leveraging this technology.

12:00 – 12:30 Mats Andersson, CEO and Founder at MUMIMO AB, Gothenburg, Sweden The key 5G application – broadband access everywhere
12:30 – 13:00 Pablo Tapia, CTO, Tupl, Málaga, Spain Enabling extreme automation in the 5G Era
13:00 – 14:00 Lunch
14:00 – 14:30 Christopher Chong, CEO, SST Wireless, Vancouver, Canada Innovations in Wireless Industrial Sensors
14:30 – 15:00 Kumardev Chatterjee, CEO/Founder, Unmanned Life, UK Delivering Autonomous Drone based Services over 5G – features, challenges, roadmap
15:00 – 15:30 Panagiotis Demestichas Professor,  the University of Piraeus, Greece Vertical sector transformations through advanced wireless technologies and artificial intelligence: status, first experiences from 5G, prospects for beyond 5G
15:30 – 16:00 Kostas Tsagkaris / Nikos Stassinopoulos, Founder, Managing Director & Head of Technology, Incelligent / WINGS ICT Solutions Big data and AI / machine Learning for proactively optimizing operations and reducing risks of telecommunication network providers in 5G
16:00 – 16:30 Break
16:30 – 17:00 Olaf Droegehorn, Professor, Harz University of Applied Sciences Entrepreneurship for 5G / 5G inspired
17:00 – 18:00 Panel Discussion with all the speakers


This initiative is meant to actively promote the engagement of start-ups and new businesses in pioneering innovation in 5G. The 5G challenges are fairly well known by now such as latency and reliability, something of a holy grail. Shaving latency down to 1ms for a host of applications from virtual reality games to tele-medicine will be another one of the toughest challenges of 5G. Start-ups are invited to showcase their innovation in this track.

Speaker  Affiliation Talk Title 
Peter Misek Framework Venture Partners Keynote Speaker
Mats Andersson
Pablo Tapia Tupl Enabling extreme automation in the 5G Era
Kumardev Chatterjee Unmanned Life
Panagiotis Demestichas WINGS ICT Solutions Vertical sector transformations through advanced wireless technologies and artificial intelligence: status, first experiences from 5G, prospects for beyond 5G
Dr Kostas Tsagkaris / Mr Nikos Stasinopoulos Incelligent Big data and AI / machine Learning for proactively optimizing operations and reducing risks of telecommunication network providers in 5G
Christopher Chong SST Wireless Inc.
Olaf Droegehorn Harz University of Applied Sciences Entrepreneurship for 5G / 5G inspired


Peter Misek, Keynote Speaker, Framework Venture Partners

Peter Misek is a Co-Founder and Partner of Framework Venture Partners. Based in Toronto, he comes with over 17 years of venture capital experience as an Advisor/ Venture Partner for DN Capital including direct involvement in multiple unicorns. At Framework, Peter’s investments include GoViral Inc., TouchBistro, Wattpad and Wave Financial.

Prior to Framework, Peter was a Partner at BDC IT Venture Fund. With an entrepreneurial background, Peter is a Chairman and Founder of SoundPays Inc. and an original programmer of the technology. Peter has almost 20 years of investment banking experience as Managing Director and Co‑Head of Global Technology Research for Jefferies in NYC and as Director of Research and Global Technology Analyst for Canaccord.

Peter holds a CA, CPA, CPA from Illinois as well as a CFA. He is a hobby programmer who has founded technology companies.

Mats Andersson, MUMIMO AB

An industry thought-leader with over 30 years international wireless and telecom experience, within various engineering and management positions at Ericsson (in Canada, England and Sweden), Mats Andersson brings extensive expertise from the industry. Additionally, he holds three university degrees (Lic. Eng., M. Sc. and B.A.).

In 2006, Mats joined tech start-up, Bluetest AB in Gothenburg as CEO. Under his leadership, Bluetest grew to become the world leading MIMO Over-The-Air (OTA) test company. Mr. Andersson joined Huawei Technologies Sweden AB in 2011 as Site and System Manager for Radio Base Systems, in Gothenburg. During his tenure, Huawei Gothenburg became a renowned global competence center for Higher Order MIMO and Massive MIMO base stations.

In 2014, Mats established MUMIMO AB – a company with a focus on innovation and business development for small and large wireless companies and brings thought-leading expertise within 5G and new technologies. In 2014, Mats also joined Forsway Scandinavia AB as Chairman of the Board. Forsway is a company made of a visionary team who see in the integration of satellite and terrestrial networks, the most efficient way to expand broadband services in regions with limited broadband infrastructure (or capacity), a key 5G goal. Investor and board memberships: Besides being Chairman of the Board of Forsway Scandinavia AB, Mats is also Chairman of the Board of SweGaN AB, Satcube AB and MUMIMO AB and is a Board member of Bluetest AB and Gefle Testteknik AB.

Pablo Tapia founded Tupl after a 15 years career in wireless, where he worked on multiple roles across various areas and disciplines. Prior to joining Tupl, Pablo was a Member of the Engineering Staff at T-Mobile USA, where he led major technology projects, including the development of Self-Organizing Networks (SON), the design and deployment of Quality of Service (QoS) techniques, as well as spearheading the evolution to HSPA+ and LTE. Before joining T-Mobile, Pablo led a development team at Optimi, a software startup developing optimization solutions for operators, and held various positions at Nokia Networks R&D. He is an author and contributor to several books on Wireless technologies. Pablo holds a MSc EE from the University of Malaga, Spain.

Kumardev Chatterjee, Unmanned Life

Kumardev is a highly regarded, EU and INTEL awarded Young Innovation Luminary,Serial Tech Entrepreneur, currently Founder and CEO of 3 companies in the EU and US, New York Times published Thought Leader, Expert on Entrepreneurship at the World Economic Forum and European Commission appointed Tech Expert. Kumardev started as an entrepreneur at 14 with a social business and built his first tech company at 19.

Kumardev has been invited to speak and present at leading institutions across the world including the UN (New York), US State Department (Washington), European Parliament (Brussels and Strasbourg), European Commission (Brussels and multiple cities), Office of Angela Merkel (German Federal Chancellery, Berlin), State of Europe high-level roundtable (Brussels), London School of Business (London), Standford University (Palo Alto) and major conferences and forums including Websummit (Dublin), WEF (Davos), Mobile World Conference (Barcelona and Shanghai), Slush (Helsinki), South Summit (Madrid), Startup Grind (London and San Francisco), Techcrunch (London and San Francisco) and CeBIT (Hannover).

Kumardev’s vision, opinions and views have been published by the New York Times, World Economic Forum, European Commission, European Business Summit, Boao Forum Review and leading tech media across Europe. He is one of the 50 global thought leaders and experts invited to write a chapter for the European Commission’s “Digital Minds for a New Europe” alongside experts and leaders like Eric and Vint Cerf:

In recognition of his Innovation leadership and the high-impact achievements, the European Commission and INTEL awarded Kumardev as an Innovation Luminary – Young Innovation Champion. He is the youngest Innovation Luminary, a group that includes Sir Richard Branson. Similarly, the World Economic Forum has appointed him as an Expert on Entrepreneurship.

Kumardev is currently Founder and CEO of Unmanned Life, the world’s foremost Autonomy-as-a-Service company, a multi-industry multi-award winnning 2 year old startup which has just been awarded the UK’s Best Disruptive Innovation 2017, is valued over 20 M GBP and in scaling-up across the world. Unmanned Life’s Autonomy-as-a-Service concept is now an Industry standard:

Kumardev is also Founder and Chairman of the European Young Innovators Forum, the leading foundation for youth innovation in Europe, reaching in excess of 500,000 young peoplea cross memebr states, that was launched with EU support and works closely with EU and US governments and other leading institutions to encorage youth innovation and entreprneurship in Europe.  Kumardev holds a MSc. in Computer Science from University College London, as a British Chevening Science Scholar.

Prof. Panagiotis Demestichas holds a Diploma and a Ph.D. degree on Electrical Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). He is a Professor at the University of Piraeus, School of ICT, Department of Digital Systems, Greece. He conducts research on 5G, cloud and IoT, nanosystems, big data and artificial intelligence, SDN/NFV. Currently, he also focuses on the development technology for his expertise lead him to work on system development for WINGS ICT Solutions ( and its spin-off Incelligent ( He has published numerous articles and research papers and is a member of the Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) and a Senior Member at IEEE.

Vertical sector transformations through advanced wireless technologies and artificial intelligence: status, first experiences from 5G, prospects for beyond 5G 

Vertical sectors need to undergo a digital transformation based on advanced wireless (4G/5G and beyond), IoT, big data, artificial intelligence. This is an opportunity for operators/vendors/SMEs. Therefore, the talk will discuss on: (a) current transformation cases regarding utilities (water, energy, gas), food security, smart cities; (b) first experiences seen through the initial trials on 5G testbeds; (c) first thoughts on requirements for beyond 5G (B5G) / 6G.

Key messages: Digital transformation of vertical sectors through advanced wireless (4G, 5G, B5G), IoT/AI, big data.

Mr. Nikos Stasinopoulos is a Big Data Engineer at Incelligent. He received his diploma (2010) from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and he’s a PhD Candidate with the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science at the National Technical University of Athens on the topic of Big Data Management and Mining in distributed systems. During his candidacy, he has led a EU-funded Big Data Management project. He has worked with the Biostatistics Dpt of the Medical School of Athens as a Data Engineer and Developer. He has worked in this capacity in three EU-funded projects on Biostatistics/Epidemiology (EMENO, SAPE, RESPOZE). His industry and research interests both lie in the areas of big data management and mining, distributed algorithms, data exchange and fusion, streaming data analysis.

Dr. Kostas Tsagkaris (male) is the Managing Director and Head of Technology of Incelligent. He received his diploma (2000) and his Ph.D. degree (in 2004, awarded with “Ericsson’s awards of excellence in Telecommunications”) from the School of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science of the National Technical University of Athens (NTUA). Since 2005 he is working as a senior research engineer and adjunct Lecturer in the undergraduate and postgraduate programs at the Department of Digital Systems of the University of Piraeus in the area of network design, management and optimization. In 2012, he co-founded WINGS ICT Solutions, an SME conducting research and development and offering solutions in the areas of 5G, IoT, Cloud & Big Data. . In 2014, he also co-founded Incelligent, a spin-out of WINGS ICT Solutions, producing software for the AI/ML based, predictive management and optimization of wireless networks. His current interests are in the design, management and optimization of 5G wireless access/core networks, self-organizing and autonomic networks, software defined networking and application of big-data, analytics and machine learning in telecommunication networks/management. He is a Senior member of IEEE and has published more than 170 papers in international journals and refereed conferences and he also holds 3 patents in the areas above

Big data and AI / machine Learning for proactively optimizing operations and reducing risks of telecommunication network providers in 5G”.

The talk will present how Big Data and AI/Machine Learning technologies can improve operations in Telecommunication Network providers and Verticals in 5G. Network-oriented use cases for automating and introducing intelligence in the management of 5G mobile networks & services and customer-oriented ones, such as proactive customer experience management and risk prediction will be presented and demonstrated.

Key messages: Big Data & AI/ML for predictions and higher levels of intelligence in 5G network/service/CX management.

Christopher Chong, SST Wireless

is the President & CEO of SST Wireless Inc.  In 2013, Christopher joined the company with the singular purpose of designing, manufacturing and distributing wireless sensor technologies to help companies of all sizes monitor critical equipment and vehicle condition in real time. He is passionate about how technology should serve to remove barriers by building in the intelligence to make technology simple to install, configure and provide real, actionable and useful data. Christopher brings over 25 years of executive experience in media, technology and marketing, having held several senior positions with companies in Canada and the United States.

Prof. Dr. Olaf Droegehorn

Prof. Olaf Droegehorn holds a Diploma on Computer Science from the Technical University Dortmund and a Ph.D. degree on Electrical Engineering from the University of Kassel. He is a Professor at the Harz University of Applied Sciences, Department of Automation and Computer Science, Germany. His research interests are topics like cloud-computing, IoT, software-engineering, DevOps and Smart Cities. He has published numerous articles and research papers.

Olaf is Co-Founder (in 1991) and CEO (since 2001) of DHS-Computertechnik GmbH, based in Germany. At DHS, Olaf’s activities are focused on products for the smart building sector and the use of open-source solutions to cover the heterogeneity of the proprietary systems on the market. Olaf has help many entrepreneurs and start-ups to come to life with consultancy, business networks as well as financial support.

Entrepreneurship for 5G / 5G inspired

Communications (URLLC) and Massive Machine Type Communications (mMTC) a huge set of new application domains can be realized with the 5G technology.

The talk will look into ideas of existing start-ups for 5G and will outline some business sectors, former being in the classical automation domain, which can now be transformed into 5G business perspectives. This will cover application areas like smart buildings and smart cities, smart factories as well as Industrial IoT (IIoT). It will be discussed how those application domains have evolved into the 5G perspective and in which way a sustainable business concept can be built using but not limited to 5G. A perspective for beyond 5G (B5G) and other solutions is given in order to sustain a valid business.


Sudhir Dixit
Basic Internet Foundation &
Wireless World Research Forum
Titus Lo

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