Standards and Deployment Track

The Standards Track focuses on key aspects of the standardization activities and programs on 5G and beyond related areas. The track is organized into three sessions, each addressing a specific area in the world of standardization.

  • Session 1:  5G Deployment related standardization topics
    • 5G Deployment Architectures
    • 5G Deployment Policies and Regulations
    • 5G Deployment, operators view
  • Session 2:  Beyond 5G related standardization topics
    • 6G Requirements
    • Academic perspectives on standardization of future networks
    • Innovation to standardization
  • Session 3: Standardization of vertical industries with 5G and beyond
    • Standardization in V2X, IoT, and Smart Cites
    • Standardization in Critical Communications and Industry 4.0
    • Standardization in HealthCare



Niranth Amogh
Huawei, India

Gustavo Giannattasi
UDELAR University Uruguay

Mehmet Ulema
Manhattan College, USA