Optical Wireless Technology for the Future Intelligent and Fully Connected World


Abstract: To go beyond the realization of the Internet of Everything, which will be addressed by the full deployment of 5G networks, and to add to the future telecommunication networks the notion of intelligence, the future 6G networks require extremely low latency and high reliability, scalability, as well as enhanced quality-of-service and quality-of-experience in sophisticated scenarios. This can be seen as a prerequisite to going towards a fully automated and intelligent world where billions of devices are connected via the local- and public-based cloud networking. Furthermore, the need to precise localization, as well as improved energy efficiency and reduced carbon footprints become of premier importance. These requirements mainly arise from emerging multimedia applications and the exponential increase in the number of smart sensors and devices. 

To address these requirements and the associated challenges, optical wireless communications (OWC) are seen as a promising approach in a variety of application areas, given the limited available radio frequency spectrum. Indeed, thanks to the numerous operational and technical advantages offered by OWC, we have been witnessing increased research and development activities in the past two decades or so, which have led to the development of new solutions capable of delivering ubiquitous, high date rates, and low-cost wireless network access in a variety of scenarios. Nevertheless, there exist still several technical challenges that need addressing before a wide-spread deployment of OWC. In particular, the recently launched COST Action CA19111 on European network on future generation optical wireless communication technologies (NEWFOCUS) aims to serve as a global networking platform through capacity building of all relevant stakeholders including universities, research institutions, major industry players, small medium enterprises, governmental bodies, and non-governmental organizations.

The aim of these sessions is to provide a forum for researchers from academia and industry to present the latest research and development findings as well as sharing their views on different aspects of OWC systems from fundamental to applied. The session will cover ultraviolet, visible, and infrared bands from design to standardization. 

Session 1: OWC for Future Indoor Enhanced Connectivity

Speakers:  4 speakers to be invited – Candidates have been identified

Session 2: OWC for Global Outdoor Connectivity

Speakers: 4 speakers to be invited – Candidates have been identified


Sessions Chair:

Zabih (Fary) Ghassemlooy
Northumbria University

Sessions C-Chairs:

Ali Khalighi Latif Ladid
Associate Professor Founder & President
Ecole Centrale Marseille IPv6 Forum
France Luxembourg

Zabih Ghassemlooy (Fellow, SOA; Fellow, IET; Senior Member, IEEE), CEng, BSc (Hons.) in EE Engineering, Manchester Metropolitan Univ., (1981), MSc (1984) and PhD (1987) from Manchester Univ., UK. 1987-88 as a Post-Doctoral Research Fellow at City Univ., UK. 1988-2004 joined Sheffield Hallam University, UK, and 2004-14 joined Faculty of Eng. & Env., Northumbria University, UK as an Associate Dean Research, and currently is the Head of Optical Communications Research Group. He is a Research Fellow (2016-) and a Distinguished Professor (2015-) at the Chinese Academy of Science. He was the Vice-Chair of EU Cost Action IC1101 (2011-16) and is Vice- Chair of the EU COST Action CA19111 NEWFOCUS (European Network on Future Generation Optical Wireless Communication Technologies, 2020-2024). He has published over 900 papers (more than 355 journals and 8 books), 100 keynote/invited talks, supervised 10 Research Fellows and 65 PhD students. His research interests are in the areas of optical wireless communications, free space optics, visible light communications, hybrid RF and optical wireless communications. He is the Chief Editor of the British Journal of Applied Science and Technology and the International Journal of Optics and Applications, Associate Editor of a number of international journals, and Co-guest Editor of a number of special issues OWC. He is the Vice-Chair of OSA Technical Group of Optics in Digital Systems (2018-). He is the Chair of the IEEE Student Branch at Northumbria University, Newcastle (2019-). From 2004-06 he was the IEEE UK/IR Communications Chapter Secretary, the Vice-Chairman (2006-2008), the Chairman (2008-2011), and Chairman of the IET Northumbria Network (Oct 2011-2015).

Ali Khalighi (Senior Member, IEEE) is Associate Professor with École Centrale Marseille, Marseille, France, and head of “Optical Communications for IoT” group at Fresnel Institute research lab. He is currently serving as Project Coordinator for the H2020 ITN MSCA VisIoN project (Visible-light-based Interoperability and Networking) and Action Chair for the COST Action CA19111 NEWFOCUS (European Network on Future Generation Optical Wireless Communication Technologies). He has co-edited the book “Visible Light Communications: Theory and Applications” (CRC Press, 2017) and was the co-recipient of the 2019 Best Survey Paper Award of the IEEE Communications Society. He is also serving as Editor-at-Large for the IEEE Transactions on Communications, and served as Associate Editor for the IET Electronics Letters as well as Guest Editor for the IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society and Elsevier Optik journal. His main research interests include signal processing for wireless communication systems with an emphasis on the physical layer aspects of free-space, underwater, and indoor visible-light optical communications

Latif LADID, Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM (www.ipv6forum.org ); Member of 3GPP PCG (Board) (www.3gpp.org); IEEE 5G World Forum founding co-chair, Emeritus Trustee, Internet Society – ISOC (www.isoc.org); IPv6 Ready & Enabled Logos Program Board (www.ipv6ready.org); Chair, ETSI IPE/IPv6 Industry Specification Group; Member of Future Internet Forum EU Member States (representing the Luxembourg government).

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