IEEE 5G for CAM Vertical Summit 2021 (Connected & Automated Mobility)

In the context of the European 5G Action Plan, the mobility vertical, spanning road, rail, water ways and coastal maritime, including a multi-modality component, has been singled out as a driver of the European Single Digital Market.

The main societal objectives of Connected and Automated Mobility (CAM) are Safer Rides (enhanced road safety), More Efficient Rides (lower emissions and reduced congestion) and Connected Rides (infotainment).

But the impact of CAM on jobs and growth, as well as on global competitiveness, will be paramount. This will be achieved by building a complete ecosystem around infrastructure, equipment and services on top of 5G advanced connectivity, whilst mutualizing the huge investments in mobile and fixed broadband.

Considerable effort and funding (from Horizon 2020) has been put into large-scale testing and validation, and even pre-deployment, of 5G namely in cross-border segments of Trans-European Transport Corridors. The objective is now to move towards large-scale deployment across the Continent.

This 5G for CAM vertical summit will bring together a variety of EU-funded projects and from around the world in the area of CAM, to share their experiences and present results with a view towards deployment. As Horizon 2020 is open to International participation, the event will also provide an opportunity to address a broader global perspective.


Experts speakers from primarily industry will be invited to 3 sessions of 90 min to address following topics of interest include, but are not limited to:

Connected and Automated Mobility

Technological Issues Different Classes of Services
3GPP releases and equipment timelines Impact of legacy Systems
Synchronization of Networks Economic Factors
Latency Requirements Cooperative Business Models
Service Continuity Neutral Hosts
CAM and other traffic per vehicle Exploiting Right-of-way
MEC availability Cost of connectivity
5G connectivity for ITS instrumentation User ownership
IP Routing and Multi-homing Pricing on top of non-CAM services: Flat rate vs pay-per-use (or per km)
Advanced Applications and Services


Legal and Regulatory

5G Coverage Conditions
Spectrum availability, including experimental licences
Access to Data
Data Ownership

Security and Privacy

Autonomous vehicle security, including the contribution of artificial intelligence
Privacy-enhancing Technologies

Availability, Reliability and Liability

Deployment issues

Rural / Low-population density areas
Cross-border corridors
Evolutionary Deployments; medium- to long-term plans
Scalability issues

Financing issues

Infrastructure investments (road/rail, vehicles and telecom backbone, including fibre)

Coordination and Co-investment

Institutional facilitation

General Co-Chairs:

Jorge Pereira
Latif Ladid
Founder & President

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