Industry Forum Session 2021

Industry Forum Session
IPv6-based 5G, IoT, Cloud Computing Industry Sessions


  • Proposer’s Names
    • Latif LADID, IPv6 Forum, University of Luxembourg
    • Liushucheng (Will LIU, Strategy & Industry Development) , Huawei
  • Proposers’ Emails
  • Proposers’ CVs
    • Latif Ladid
      • Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM ( )
      • Founding co-chair, IEEE 5G World Forum
      • Chair, ETSI IPE Industry Specification Group
      • Emeritus Trustee, Internet Society – ISOC (
      • Research Fellow @ University of Luxembourg on multiple European Commission Next Generation Technologies IST Projects
      • Member of 3GPP PCG (Board) (
      • Member of Future Internet Forum EU Member States (representing Luxembourg)
    • Liushucheng (Will LIU)
      • Dr. LIU currently serves as Industry Development Director in Data Communication Network Area at Huawei Technologies Co.,Ltd. His research interests include Network AI, NFV/SDN, ICN, IPv6 and IoT. He is responsible for industry standard activity in Network AI and IPv6 related area. He has been actively contributing in organizations of standards and technical professional. He served as Co-founder and Technical Manager of ETSI ISG ENI, Vice-Chairman of ETSI ISG IP6, Secretary of IRTF SDNRG, Member of IETF OPS area Directorates, key Proponent of IETF SUPA WG, Author of 9 RFCs, Rapporteur of 1 work item in ETSI; Guest Editors of Special Issue on Intelligent Network Management in IEEE Transactions on Network Science and Engineering, NFV Special Issue in IEEE Network Magazine and Architecture For Next Generation Wireless Networks Special Issue in IEEE Communications Magazine, and Referees/TPCs for several conferences and journals in computer networking area.
  • Forum Title
    • IPv6-based 5G, IoT, Cloud Computing Industry Sessions
    • (IPv6, 5G, IoT, Cloud Computing, Blockchain Food Supply Chain)
  • Date/time-slot preferred
    • October 14, Morning sessions

Session Outline:
The IPv6 Initiative at ETSI (3GPP) is attracting a very good number of players (50) including ISPs/Vendor/Academia from Europe, US and Asia to work on:

  • Identify gaps and recommendations of existing and required IPv6 standards both inside ETSI and in other SDOs;
  • Identify and describe IPv6 Network related use cases & specific scenarios, derived requirements and IPv6 networking challenges in the following areas:
    • IPv6 based 5G (and beyond 5G) IP transport and cloud & IP network convergence
    • IPv6 based enterprise networking and Industrial Internet
    • IPv6 cybersecurity and management,
  • Document an automated networking e2e reference architecture, using IPv6;
  • Describe an IPv6 based specific deployment best practices / guidelines and transition tools for: (1) IPv4 to IPv6, (2) dual stack to IPv6 only;
  • Provide and demonstrate PoCs and test case descriptions to validate IPv6 standards based approaches.

Please see the progress achieved in the last 2 months since its first meeting in January 18, 2021 in the attached slides deck.

More details:

More info can be found in the published white paper early this year:

A new web site (portal) started:

You can join for free here as:

  • ETSI members are invited to join the ISG IPE, subject to reading and signing the IPE Member Agreement available from the ISG IPE General Information section of the ETSI Portal.
  • Non-ETSI members are also invited to join the ISG IPE, subject to reading and signing the ISG IPE Participant Agreement as well.

Session Speakers and Rapporteurs at the ETSI IPE

  • John Lee, Internet Associates
  • Pascal Thubert, Cisco France
  • Chongfeng Xie, China Telecom
  • Sebastien Lourdez, Post Luxembourg
  • Eduard Vasilenko, Huawei Europe
  • Johnson Liu, Beijing Internet Institute

Participants CVs

Latif Ladid Latif LADID
Founder & President, IPv6 FORUM
Chair, ETSI IPE Industry Specification Group
Liushucheng (Will LIU)
Vice-Chair, ETSI IPE Industry Specification Group
John Lee
CEO, Internet Associates
Dr. Pascal Thubert
Cisco France
Chongfeng Xie
Vice-chair ETSI IPE
Luxembourg: Pascal Lourdez
Eduard Vasilenko
Senior Architect
Europe Standardization & Industry Development Department, Huawei Europe
Haisheng Yu (Johnson Yu)
Director, Prospective Technology Lab, Beijing Internet Institute
Visiting Professor, International Institute of Next Generation Internet, Macau University of Science and Technology


IPv6-based 5G, IoT, Cloud Computing Industry Sessions


Industry 5G Forum Session 1 Moderator: Latif Ladid, IEEE 5G World Forum Co-Chair
11:00 IPv6-Only Internet: John Lee, Internet Associates
11:30 “Reliable and Available Wireless: The IPv6 contribution towards end-to-end determinism over 5G and beyond: Pascal Thubert, Cisco France
12:00 IPv6-based Cloud: Chongfeng Xie, China Telecom
13:00 Lunch
Industry 5G Forum Session 2 Moderator: Liushucheng (Will LIU) , Vice-Chair ETSI IPE, Huawei
14:00 IPv6 Gaps Analysis: Eduard Vasilenko, Huawei Europe
14:30 IPv6-based 5G and SRv6: Sebastien Lourdez, Post Luxembourg
15:00 IPv6-based Cloud and Food Supply Chain: Haisheng Yu (Johnson Yu), Beijing Internet Institute


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