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Panel Topic: 5G for Industrial IoT and other applications needing URLLC services: Challenges and Way Forward
There are several applications in the industrial IoT segment that require very low latency and/or ultra-reliable communication services. Industrial Ethernet, Profinet and proprietary versions of some wireless technologies have been used for this purpose. 3GPP has been working on URLLC as part of R15 – R17 work (along with eMBB and other use cases). IEEE802.11 has started working on 802.11be (EHT) with one of the goals being to improve performance of AR/VR and some other low latency applications.
Thursday 10 September
Time: 12:00 PM EDT
Room: Virtual On-Demand
Moderator: Dr. Mukesh Taneja

Panelist Title of Talk
Mr. Viswanathan Ramaswamy URLLC and Industry 4.0
Dr. Mukesh Taneja 5G for URLLC use cases: An overview
Mr. Neeraj Pandey Intelligent edge for URLLC – Opportunities and challenges
Mr. Vishwas Sundaramurthy 5G opportunities in urban air mobility
Mr. Avinash Bhat Coming soon

Panel Topic: Affordable Broadband Networks: Connecting the Unconnected in 5G & Beyond
The 5th generation of wireless ICT eco-system is being commercially launched in several countries, based on three important pillars of wireless technology innovation: (a) Low latency, (b) Enhanced gigabits wireless broadband and (c) massive machine type communication. Wireless networks based on 5G and beyond (5G&B) technologies, are also expected to transform the way humans and devices communicate and exchange information services, improve resource utilization and automation of industry. However, the current 5G&B standard is lacking features for affordable broadband to support the broadband connectivity of underserved rural communities. Despite decades of wireless & mobile infrastructure deployments, there are ~3.6 Billion broadband unconnected people globally according to ITU. The main aim of this Panel is to discuss the extension of recent research in unlicensed wireless technologies, including current 5G&B research activities to develop a long-range radio, smart spectrum sharing, energy efficient green networks, self-organizing & software-defined networks and development of 5G test-beds for 5G innovative use cases addressing the requirements of affordable wireless broadband. The current virus crisis clearly showed the importance of broadband connectivity and provision of ICT based societal services in emerging markets and specifically in rural digitally excluded communities. In this panel industries’ view on affordable network technologies in the 5G and beyond research agenda, will be discussed for solutions to address affordable broadband in 5G&B, as we strive to achieve wireless internet connectivity of underserved global communities and improve digital inclusion. The panel will discuss the following affordable broadband themes: (1) Smart spectrum sharing including unlicensed but managed spectrum sharing networks; (2) Energy efficiency including green networking; (3) Network infrastructure and operational cost reduction by technologies such as HAP platforms (Loon), Long range 5G NR, SDN/NFV and self-organizing network technologies; and (4) New policy and business models for connecting the unconnected.
Date: Friday 11 September
Time: 11:00 AM EDT
Room: Virtual On-Demand
Moderator: Dr. Fisseha Mekuria and Mr. Pranav Jha

Panelist Title of Talk
Prof. Gerhard Fetweiss
Dr. Mikael H¨o¨ok
Prof. Abhay Karandikar
Dr. Chih-Lin I
Dr. Jean Paul Pallois
Dr. Luzango Mfupe

Panel Topic: Commercialized and Emerging 5G Mm-Wave Radiation Technologies and Solutions
Owing to the 5G age, the mm-Wave (FR2) technologies and applications are getting more and more important and popular. Obviously, radiations of mm-Wave are quite crucial to the mm-Wave wireless communication performance. However, the mm-Wave radiation technologies and solutions, such as antennas, circuits, and measurements, are significantly different from those for the conventional FR1 (i.e., non-mm-Wave) cellular bands. Therefore, the proposed industry forum will discuss, share and complement the technological understanding of and information updates on the latest studies, emerging development, and commercialized progress in mm-Wave radiation technologies and solutions from the industry perspectives.
Saturday 12 September
Time: 11:00 AM EDT
Room: Virtual On-Demand
Moderator: Dr. Huan-Chu Huang

Panelist Title of Talk
Mr. Yi-Che Chen 3GPP & CTIA 5G mm-Wave key test cases
Dr. Huan-Chu Huang Current and emerging mm-Wave antenna solutions to smartphones
Mr. Su-Wei Chang Mm-Wave antenna-in-package design consideration for 5G O-RAN architecture
Prof. Dau-Chyrh Chang Comparisons of traditional OTA and toroidal CATR for 5G OTA measurement


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