Future Networks Towards 2031: INGR Panel Series

The International Network Generations Roadmap (INGR) is a technology roadmap evaluating 5G and beyond technologies, development challenges, and deployment opportunities at 3-year, 5-year, and 10-year horizons. Each panel in this series pairs different INGR working groups together, to discuss how their technologies overlap and depend on each other, and how those dependencies may evolve or bring challenges. Hear from experts on topics including Millimeter Wave, Massive MIMO, Satellites, Edge Services, AI/ML, and more!

Wednesday 13 October
IP-1: INGR Panel: Millimeter Wave and Massive MIMO – Deployment Challenges and New Trends
Panel Time: 11:00am ET US
Description: Recently, we’ve seen the initial deployment results of 5G millimeter wave (mmWave) and Massive MIMO systems and the beginning of research activities to address the requirements of 6G and beyond. In this panel, we invite a group of researchers and practitioners to review the lessons learned from the early mmWave & Massive MIMO deployment results and explore future trends: What are the challenges and opportunities for mmWave & Massive MIMO researchers? Which fundamental research direction(s) may drive the next generation mmWave & Massive MIMO innovations?

IP-2: INGR Panel: Connecting the Unconnected and Satellite Networking Trends and Challenges
Panel Time: 2:00om ET US
Description: Internet access is critical to education, industry, and healthy living. Unconnected populations lack access to sell goods and services online, and students lack access to schooling. Working or studying from home is unrealistic for those lacking internet access, forcing a decision between learning or earning a living. Come hear how Satellites are critical in this process as well as how the latest trends and challenges are impacting the advancement of communications networking technologies.

IP-3: INGR Panel: Testbeds bridging the gap between optical and radio hardware and applications
Panel Time: 4:30pm ET US
Description: Optical communications continue to play an integral role in the future of communications technologies. Testbeds provide critical research opportunities for progress in this area. Come hear how the latest trends and challenges are impacting the advancement of communications networking technologies in these fields.

Thursday 14 October
IP-4: INGR Panel: Deployment, Energy Efficiency, and Applications and Services Comprehensive Plans
Panel Time: 11:00am ET US
Description: By addressing multiple aspects of communication performance, like scalability, QoS and tiered response time, the architecture of 5G networks enables new applications, which could not be available with previous generation technologies. Deploying these capabilities generates new challenges and opportunities as systems evolve. Regulatory constraints and energy requirements are among the key issues to be solved, requiring new targets for efficiency and a more comprehensive approach to system development. The panel will review the main challenges and highlight the research and development required to achieve the promises that 5G technology is touting.

IP-5: INGR Panel: Combining Energy Efficiency and Systems Optimization for Network Sustainability
Panel Time: 2:00om ET US
Description: From individual subsystems to the entire network or grid levels, a lot of literature discusses best practices for optimization, but this is often limited by the specific context. We invite you to join us for a comprehensive and interactive discussion about optimization in several different use cases though the lens of a wide breadth of stakeholder perspectives, with a focus on supporting operator network energy efficiency and sustainability in these use cases. In the world of 5G & Beyond, the efforts of all these diverse stakeholders is likely driven to optimize respective performance targets, sometime in conflict with each other. The diverse and deep subject-matter-expertise of the panel will address optimization from a global perspective.

Friday 15 October
IP-6: INGR Panel: Standardization update on INGR of FNI
Panel Time: 11:00am ET US
Description: Standards are an integral part of technology’s progress. As the roadmap looks over the next decade, where will standards development be most critical? What areas are seeing the standards activity? Come hear how standards are impacting the advancement of communications networking technologies as outlined by the Future Networks Initiative roadmap.

IP-7: INGR Panel: Edge Services, AI/ML, and Security Networking Trends and Challenges
Panel Time: 2:00pm ET US
Description: The service delivery demand is moving from Cloud to Edge for 5G & beyond at exascale data rates as projected by different analysts like IHS, Gartner etc.. The demand for Ultra reliable low latency emerges from Industrial IoT requirements. Asking for confidentiality & security for any activity at Edge and Cloud is making Service Providers take extra measures to avoid liability & litigations to meet SLAs for their offers. The key enabler identified for intelligent agents to observe and act upon alerts, events are AI & ML based. This becomes more relevant as Application Service Providers seek automation from PaaS & IaaS as they leverage resource pools and clusters that leverage special purpose accelerators as well as de facto kubernetes cluster and orchestration standards. The expert panel from Industry and IEEE INGR future networks will present and debate some of the fine grained aspects of how to address the trends to meet the challenges faced by Industry.

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