Date: Saturday 12 September
Time: 12:00 AM EDT
Room: Virtual On-Demand

Video Index # Demonstration Title Author (Affiliation, Location)
1 Introduction Amit Saha (Cisco Systems, India)
2 Intelligent Reconfigurable Wideband Spectrum Characterization for 5G Applications Himani Joshi (IIITD, India), Mohammad Alaee-Kerahroodi (University of Luxembourg), Bhavani Shankar Mysore Rama Rao (University of Luxembourg), and Sumit J Darak (IIITD, India)
3 Voice-enabled Mobile Clinical Prescribing Systems for 5G Networks Sumit Soman, Priyesh Ranjan, and Praveen K Srivastava (CDAC, India)
4 A Novel way to provide Post Quantum Cryptography enabled Security Protocols in 5G Deployments Prashant Chugh, Rakesh Singh Rawat, Sabyasachi Mandal, Prashant Singh, and AshutoshTekriwal (CDOT, India)
5 5G-DRIVE Project: 5G networks and hybrid positioning by real-time kinematic (RTK) technique are combined to support new 5G services for drones and vehicles Tao Chen, Kai Zhang, Uwe Herzog, and Latif Ladid (UNI.LU)
6 An Emulation Framework for End-to-End 5G Systems Shwetha Vittal and Antony Franklin (IIT Hyderabad, India)
7 Accenture 5G Network Planner Mathangi Sandilya and Sanjay Tiwari (Accenture)
8 5G-MOBIX Project: Greek – Turkish Cross Border Corridor Pilot Demo (5G V2X) and Spain – Portugal Cross Border Corridor Pilot Demo (5G V2X) Barbara Basdeki (ICCS), Nazli Gü ney (TURKCELL), Ioannis Masmanidis (ERICSSON GR), Tahir Sari (FORD), and Kostas Trichias (WINGS ICT Solutions), and Latif Ladid (UNI.LU)

Pantelis Kanellopoulos (ICCS), Jorge Pereira (DG CONNECT), Nikolaos Tsampieris (ERTICO), Juan Francisco (TELEFONICA), Marta Miranda (CTAG), and Joao Moutinho (CCG),

9 AI/ML Based Closed Loop Assurance Using ISNA Sreekanth S S (Infosys), Anu Rajagopal (Infosys), S Sujith (Infosys)
10 E2E 5G slice management using Infosys 5G Slice Manager Sreekanth S S (Infosys), Ranjit G A (Infosys), Rakesh Girija Ramesan Nair (Infosys)
11 Immersive Virtual Presence Solution Sreekanth S S (Infosys), Praveen Kumar Kalapatapu (Infosys), Arun M (Infosys)
12 Blockchain based 5G Telco infra market place Gnanapriya Chidambaranathan (Infosys)
13 Dynamic Network Slice Orchestration Gnanapriya Chidambaranathan (Infosys), Nishi Mathur (Infosys)
14 5G Indoor AU Vinay H Kulkarni (Samsung)
15 5G Smartphone / FWA Products Akhil Panchabhai (Samsung)
16 Performance Optimized LEO Sat-Comm based C2 for UAS Nitesh S, Dr. M Ranga Rao, Dr. A.Ravi, Dr. Sondur Lakshmipathi, Sreeram V. B., Dharm Singh Jat, Dr. M.G. Sumitra


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