Tutorial: 5G Functional Splits, Orchestration and Network Management

Date Time Room Presenter Affiliation
30/9/2019 14:00 – 16:00 Seminar room 7 Babak Jafarian Casa Systems, Inc


While traditional mobile networks have been built relying on a “monolithic” hardware designed and manufactured by distinct vendor and distinct technology requirements, 5G and future mobile network solution are going to be multi-vendor, multi-technology and multi-layer. This seminar addresses the new concepts of network management and orchestration based on the introduction of SDN and NFV into operational networks. Also, considering heterogenous network deployment, provides an outlook for the new paradigm when deploying 5G networks.

Tutorial starts with reviews of the current trends in the overall design of 5G network architecture and will address how these architectures translate into new 5G RAN architecture requirements. The 5G protocol stack architecture will discussed in detail; differences with 4G, and what are the reasonable function splits in 5G RAN. Also, we will discuss the impact and challenges of network densifications in the future 5G deployments. Due to exponential increases in mobile data demands in recent years and deployment of 5G networks, soon network densification is considered as a key mechanism in the evolution of cellular network deployments. In the ultra-dense heterogeneous networks for 5G, the base stations are brought closer and closer to the users through dense deployments. However, the performance and capacity of the network does not increase monotonously with increasing number of base stations due to inter cell interference and backhaul/fronthaul limitation. We will address the challenges and solutions to tackle densification problems. The main topics are as follow:

  • 5G Architecture Overview
  • 5G RAN Protocol Stacks and NFs
  • Vertical and Horizontal Splits
  • Main Enablers for 5G RAN Orchestration


Dr Babak Jafarian, Senior Director Product Management, Casa Systems, Inc.

Babak is a 20 years veteran executive of the wireless and telecommunications industry. His in-depth understanding of current mobile technologies, together with his awareness in diverse environment is grounded in two decades of first-hand experience in working for mobile operators and vendors across the world. Directly involved in standardization efforts and product developments for 3G and 4G systems, Babak is now leading Casa Systems’ 5G NR vRAN/cRAN solutions. Prior to joining Casa System, Babak was leading 5G strategy efforts at Parallel Wireless Inc, one of the leaders of open virtualized RAN. Before Parallel Wireless, Babak served as the Vice President of Engineering at Skyriver Communications, the largest fixed wireless service provider in California. He also served as the Co-Founder and Chief Strategy Officer at Ortiva Wireless, a leading mobile TV platform provider. Before Ortiva, he led the Network Solutions Group at Wireless Facilities, Inc. and held various management roles at Motorola and O2 in Great Britain. Babak earned a Ph.D. in electronic and electrical engineering from King’s College London.

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