5G E-Health Track

Friday, 11.09.2020


About the track

The next-generation mobile technology (5g), will be used importantly for future healthcare. 5g is a key enabling technology for the internet of things, MedTech products, smart pharmaceuticals, and individualized medicine. The major advantage of 5g includes a low latency, reliability, performance, and flexibility, and invites novel features for quality of ehealth services including diagnosis and treatment. 

This eHealth Vertical track aims at bringing the researchers, startups, industries, and academicians to brainstorm and identify the use cases of ehealth which can exploit the unique advantages of 5g capabilities and also give guidelines for developing and validating various applications for a real-time healthcare environment. This will be a platform to network with the experts and disseminate as well as exploit the results. 

The track will also select and attract high-impacted and industry-driven use cases for future ehealth by 5g. The following are a few of the important topics which will be dealt with in the track for the benefit of the varied audience.

  • 5g in a hospital environment
  • 5g in emergency situations
  • 5g for telemedicine
  • 5g to deliver treatment or care outside hospitals
  • 5g for rural healthcare
  • 5g in wearables

Workshop Co-Chair

Mr. Abhishek Appaji
BMS College of Engineering