5G E-Health Track

Friday, 11.09.2020


About the track

The next-generation mobile technology (5g), will be used importantly for future healthcare. 5g is a key enabling technology for the internet of things, MedTech products, smart pharmaceuticals, and individualized medicine. The major advantage of 5g includes a low latency, reliability, performance, and flexibility, and invites novel features for quality of ehealth services including diagnosis and treatment. 

This eHealth Vertical track aims at bringing the researchers, startups, industries, and academicians to brainstorm and identify the use cases of ehealth which can exploit the unique advantages of 5g capabilities and also give guidelines for developing and validating various applications for a real-time healthcare environment. This will be a platform to network with the experts and disseminate as well as exploit the results. 

The track will also select and attract high-impacted and industry-driven use cases for future ehealth by 5g. The following are a few of the important topics which will be dealt with in the track for the benefit of the varied audience.

  • 5g in a hospital environment
  • 5g in emergency situations
  • 5g for telemedicine
  • 5g to deliver treatment or care outside hospitals
  • 5g for rural healthcare
  • 5g in wearables


Speakers’ Profiles:

Name and Affiliation: Michael Friebe, PhD, Professor; HealthTec Innovation Lab, Faculty of Medicine, Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg, Germany and IDTM GmbH, Recklinghausen, Germany

Title: “Exponential Technology Platforms (AI, 5G, Deep Learning, Sensors, Robotics, …) as Health Democratize Enablers”

Abstract of the Talk: Healthcare Innovation is typically based on incrementals of current processes and procedures. Real disruption rarely happens, actually is often aggressively prevented due to the rigidity of the system and its established stakeholders, time it takes to obtain regulatory approvals, and established reimbursements for existing approaches. Exponential technologies and exponential thinking (10x) could help to create completely new devices / processes and with that could help to democratize global health delivery. Covid-19 has already boosted telemedicine applications globally and 5G is a base requirement for other potential remote services. The talk will highlight some of the current issues and health challenges and provide innovation guidelines combined with some current examples.

Bio: Prof. Michael Friebe is a German citizen with expertise in diagnostic imaging + image guided therapies, as founder/innovator/CEO/investor, and scientist. After a BSc. in electrical engineering he spent 5 years in San Francisco as R&D Engineer at a MRI + Ultrasound device manufacturer. He graduated with a MSc. in Technology Management from Golden Gate University, San Francisco and back in Germany obtained his PhD in Medical Engineering. He currently is an affiliate Professor at TUM, Munich; adjunct Professor at IHBI QUT in Brisbane; and Professor of HealthTec Innovation at the medical faculty Otto-von-Guericke-University, Magdeburg, Germany. He is a listed inventor of over 100 patents, author of >300 papers, started well over 20 companies, is a board member of four medical technology startup companies, and an investment partner of a MedTec investment-fund. From 2016-2018 he was a Distinguished Lecturer of the IEEE EMBS and is very enthusiastic about innovation generation + exponential technologies in combination with entrepreneurship with the goal to democratize Healthcare.


Name and Affiliation: Jayaram Beladakere, Director – Engineering, Global AI Accelerator (GAIA), Ericsson, Bengaluru

Title: “5G Real time capabilities applications on the healthcare delivery side”

Abstract of the Talk: Applications related to 5G w.r.t IoT in medicine and wearable technologies for healthcare and wellness will be highlighted in this session with relevant technologies and use cases.

Bio: Jayaram brings 25+ years of global experience in product strategy, engineering and life cycle management, with specialization in the telecom & networking industry – covering both enterprises and service providers.  He possesses a comprehensive understanding of business and technology trends and operational considerations, having delivered multiple next-generation solutions and managed global portfolios.  He is also well versed in go-to-market, co-development models and emerging market needs. Currently, Jayaram leads product management functions in Ericsson Global AI Accelerator in India.  In this role, he is responsible for building AI/ML solutions for the different business groups and marketing/selling units of Ericsson.  His work covers all parts of mobile operators’ life cycle: design, rollout, optimization and service assurance.  These engagements have provided him valuable insights on optimally leveraging AI/ML technologies in the telecom domain.


Name and Affiliation: Vijayarajan A, Founder & CTO, InnAccel Technologies, Bengaluru

Title: “5G in Healthcare – India Perspective”

Abstract of the Talk: The presentation and discussions will focus on India Specific Potential Use Cases where 5G technology can be applied for maximum impact

Bio: Vijayarajan has 40+ years of industry experience, transitioned from a corporate executive to an entrepreneur with expertise in Product Development in Medical and Information Technology. He is currently the Founder and Chief Technology officer of InnAccel Technologies, a medical device company. InnAccel has the vision to create a portfolio of medical products, designed, engineered, and PRICED, for Global Emerging Markets. With an innovative business structure and execution model, InnAccel has created 6 MedTech products in a very short period. These interventional products will have profound impact on patients, with some of them being lifesaving in nature.

Prior to InnAccel, through his consulting company he managed the development of India’s first robotic medical device for tumor ablation, implemented Electronic Medical Record solutions to Manipal group of hospitals and Aravind Eye Care system. As a corporate executive, Vijayarajan has worked in hi-tech organizations like Wipro, GE Healthcare and HP, where he delivered products and solutions to the global customers After his role as the Chief Executive of Wipro Health Science, he has gone on to become an entrepreneur.

Vijayarajan is also actively engaged in academics. He has served as a Member of the Board of Studies at many technology institutes. He also designed and taught graduate courses. Vijayarajan completed his Masters’ in Computer Science from University of Madras and MBA from Marquette University, USA.


Workshop Co-Chair

Dr. Abhishek Appaji
BMS College of Engineering

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