5G Networks and the Deployment of UHD TV with High QoS and QoE 2018

Date: Tuesday July 10
Time: 2:00 – 4:00
Room: Lafayette

The increase of video services being streamed nowadays over the Internet and via mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones, and underpinned by OTT contents such as YouTube, Netflix, Amazon TV, iTunes, TV Everywhere and Personalized Recommendation Platforms, has been analyzed and bandwidth was found to have become a problem. In addition to that problem generated in some cases due to poor investment in the Internet infrastructure, there is a second challenge related to the blind spots of cellular coverage. Also, quality of experience will depend on a combination of wireless with the fixed network. The number of users and applications utilizing ultra-high quality of audio and video will soon start to increase according to the current trends, especially with the commercialization of UHD TV followed by the investment in film and video production of ultra quality, which is expected to grow even further through time. Therefore there is a need to review and discuss both roadmaps for 5G and UHD TV to guarantee a successful delivery of both ecosystems.


Paulo Sergio Rufino Henrique – Spideo

Paulo Sergio Rufino Henrique is an Electronic Engineer and currently holds the position of Integration Engineer at Spideo in Paris.

Paulo was a field engineer and support analyst at UNYSIS, Brazil for 8 years before joining BT (British Telecommunications) in Brazil and UK for over 11 years, as a manager for the world-class telecom, overseeing MPLS networks, fibre-broadband, satellites and media & broadcasting projects for Americas, EMEA, China, South Korea and South Africa. He has also served as the IPTV manager during the launch of the first UHD TV in the UK, and managed the service operations (Network Operations Centre) for third party telecommunication providers.

He then joined Vodafone UK for almost 2 years as a quality manager for Fibre-Broadband, Media and Broadcasting, which comprises of services such as IPTV, OTT, Content Delivery Networks, Cloud DVRs, Content Acquisition and TV Everywhere. In addition, he was overseeing the customer experience, QoS/QoE, insights based on data analytics, Brand NPS and benchmarking evaluation for consumer broadband.

His research on TV Everywhere and the streaming of UHD TV over 5G Network & Performance Analysis followed his Postgraduate studies in Wireless Communication Systems at Brunel University London.

Finally, Paulo has acted as a curator in International Film Festivals and Art exhibitions.

URL: https:/www.linkedin.com/in/paulo-s-rufino-henrique-b9a0679/

Diogo de Brito Sales – Actor – Game of Thrones

Diogo de Brito Sales was born and raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

He’s been working extensively as an actor since 2002. And decided to move to London in 2009, after his performance in a Shakespeare’s play for the RSC Complete Works Shakespeare Festival, to continue pursuing his career as an actor overseas. His motivation and passion for the craft, have slowly but steadily garnered him a solid career as an actor with some of the most renowned directors in Brazil (José Eduardo Belmonte, Carolina Jabor) as well as internationally (Jeremy Podeswa, Daniel Sackheim).

His first on-screen debut was a reoccurring role in the season 6 of ‘Game of Thrones’ on HBO.

And then he went to play a role on the first episode of the new upcoming Brazilian broadcaster Rede Globo’s prison drama series ‘Carcereiros’ (Jailers). World premiered at the sophomore 2nd annual edition of MIPTV’s MIPDrama Screenings competition in Cannes, which took the Grand Jury prize in the full episode category.

Onstage Diogo is best known for his performance in ‘The Two Gentleman of Verona’ at the Royal Shakespeare Company and the Barbican, ‘Amazonia’ at the Young Vic and ‘Two Roses for Richard III’ at the RSC and the Roundhouse in UK.

URL: https://www.imdb.com/name/nm6088160/?ref_=nmbio_bio_nm

Fred Brathwaite – visual artist, filmmaker, rapper and pioneering musician.

Fred Brathwaite known as Fab 5 Freddy is a visual artist, filmmaker, rapper and pioneering musician.

His involvement with media and visual art started in the late 70’s when as a Graffiti artist he exhibited work internationally, and later together with friends and collaborators like Keith Haring and Jean-Michel Basquiat established the New York Graffiti art scene internationally as the precursor to today’s street art.

The film “Wild Style”, which he co-produced, also co-acted and wrote the original music and score, was the first film to illustrate Hip Hop culture and it grew from an idea Freddy had to refute the negative depiction of New York City’s urban youth. The film was an international hit, and Fred jumped into a successful career in directing music videos and commercials for artists like KRS-ONE, Queen Latifah, Nas, Snoop Doggy Dog and companies like Pepsi. In 1988, he became the first VJ host of YO! MTV Raps, a ground-breaking music video show and introduced the Hip Hop culture to mainstream discourse around the world.

His understanding of media in the introduction of a culture led him to lectures in schools and universities around the world. He has published articles for publications including Vibe, XXL, The New York Times Magazine, written a book entitled Fresh Fly Flavor, Words, and Phrases of the Hip Hop generation and has served as an executive producer for the Vh1 Hip Hop Honors TV specials. He has acted in more than 13 films, series and documentaries including She’s Gotta Have It (2017), The Defiant Ones (2017), Luke Cage (2016), and both as actor and production consultant on the film American Gangster (2007).

Today Fab is focusing on exhibiting his visual artwork and was recently featured in the Los Angeles Museum Of Contemporary Art in “Art In The Streets”. He is also in the production of a feature-length doc on the history of cannabis, race and pop culture in America for Netflix. Fab is still considered one of Hip Hop’s architects and pioneers.

Professor Hamed Al-Raweshidy – Brunel University London

Hamed  Al-Raweshidy is professor of  Communications Engineering and has been awarded his PhD in 1991 from Strathclyde University in Glasgow/UK.  He was with Space and Astronomy Research Centre/Iraq, PerkinElmer/USA, Carl Zeiss/Germany, British Telecom/UK, Oxford University, Manchester Met.University and Kent University.

Professor Al-Raweshidy is currently the Director of the Wireless Networks and Communications Centre (WNCC) and Director of PG studies (ECE) at Brunel University, London, UK.  WNCC is the largest centre at Brunel University and one of the largest Communication Research Centre in UK.  He published over 400 papers in International Journals and referred conferences.  He is the editor of the first book in Radio over Fibre Technologies for Mobile Communications Networks.

He acts as a consultant and involved in projects with several companies and operators such as Vodafone (UK), Ericsson (Sweden), Andrew (USA), NEC (Japan), Nokia (Finland), Siemens (Germany), Franc Telecom (France), Thales (UK & France) and Tekmar (Italy). He is a principal investigator for several EPSRC projects and European project such as MAGNET EU project (IP) 2004-2008. His current research area is 5G and beyond such as C-RAN, SDN, IoT, M2M and Radio over Fibre.

URL : http://www.brunel.ac.uk/people/hamed-al-raweshidy

José Maria Pereira Lopes – TV Cultura

José Maria Pereira Lopes has almost 50 years of experience in TV and Film, and is the Director of TV and Film Restoration at TV Cultura in Brazil.

He is a specialist in conservation and restoration of audio-visual works and a journalist, and his trajectory helped to build Brazilian television, having worked at TV Tupi, Excelsior TV and SBT TV. He currently is responsible for the Film Collection and Film Restoration at TV Cultura, alongside managing the film archive of the Museum of Image and Sound of Sao Paulo.

Jose Maria has written a book called “The manual of conservation and restoration of films,” which was launched during the 24º International Short Film Festival in Sao Paulo in 2003. His passion for quality of image and sound led him to be one of the pioneers in film restoration in Brazil and an international reference in this topic. He has delivered lectures, seminars, and workshops regarding film restoration such as the Conference of Audio-visual Heritage organized by UNESCO in Rio de Janeiro in 2010.

URL: http://preservacaoaudiovisual.blogspot.fr/2010/10/seminario-da-heranca-audiovisual.html


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