Technical Track: 5G Hardware and Test / Measurements 2018

Paper Titles: 5G Hardware and Test / Measurements I

Date: Tuesday July 10
Time: 11:00 – 1:00
Room: San Tomas

5G New-Radio Transmitter Exceeding 40% Modulated Efficiency Earl McCune (RF Communications Consulting & Eridan Communications, USA); Quentin Diduck, Waclaw Godycki and Mashrur Mohiuddin (Eridan Communications, USA)
5G-NR Bandwidth Efficient Modulation Options for Efficient Link Operation that are Compatible with mmW Transistor Nonlinearities Earl McCune (RF Communications Consulting & Eridan Communications, USA)
On Improvement of Channel Estimation for the Uplink of Large Scale MU-MIMO using DMRS Hai Tran, Tuan-Anh Mai, Dang-Huy Vuong and Nam Nguyen (R&D Center, Viettel Network Technologies Center, VIETTEL, Vietnam)
Packaged High Power Frond-End Module for Broadband 24GHz & 28GHz 5G solutions Mohammed Ayad (United Monolothic Semiconductors SAS & UMS, France); Philippe Auxemery, Anne-Marie Couturier, Pascal Poilvert and Laurent Marechal (United Monolothic Semiconductors SAS, France)
Feasibility and Challenges of Over-The-Air Testing for 5G Millimeter Wave Devices Suma G. Pannala (Independant Researcher, India)


Paper Titles: 5G Hardware and Test / Measurements II

Date: Tuesday July 10
Time: 2:00 – 4:00
Room: San Tomas

Long distance and high bandwidth wireless link tests for a 39 GHz to 28 GHz 5G low-cost repeater Simone Maier, Heinz Schlesinger and Wolfgang Templ (Nokia Bell Labs, Germany); Harish Viswanathan (Nokia Bell Labs, USA)
A Miniaturized Dielectric-Resonator Phased Antenna Array with 3D-Coverage for 5G Mobile Terminals Xiongzhi Zhu and Jinling Zhang (Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, P.R. China); Tong Cui (Beijing University of Posts and Telecomunications, P.R. China); Zhanqi Zheng (Chinese Academy of Sciences, P.R. China)
Evaluating Power Density for 5G Applications Maryna Nesterova and Stuart Nicol (Aprel Inc., Canada); Yuliya Nesterova (Queen’s University, Canada)
CHRONOS: A Cloud based Hybrid RF-Optical Network Over Synchronous Links Maqsood Abdul Careem and Monette Khadr (University at Albany, SUNY, USA); Ahmed Hussein (State University of New York at Albany, USA); Dola Saha (University at Albany, SUNY, USA); Hany Elgala (University at Albany, SUNY & NSF Lighting Enabled Systems and Applications ERC, USA); Aveek Dutta (University at Albany, SUNY, USA)
First Commercial Hybrid Massive MIMO System for Sub-6Hz Bands Reza Monir Vaghefi, Glenston Miranda, Rakesh Srirambhatla, Giovanni Marzin, Chris Ng, Farid Fayazbakhsh, Sanjeev Tarigopula, Ramesh Chembil Palat and Mihai Banu (Blue Danube Systems, USA)