5G vRAN Over Less than Ideal Backhaul 2018

Date: Tuesday July 10
Time: 11:00 – 1:00
Room: Lafayette

Panel Abstract: Virtualized radio access network (vRAN) technology could be key to delivering better network performance, lower TCO, and additional revenue streams and its introduction is seen by many as an important step towards 5G implementation. However, in many locations around the world backhaul technologies that are most appropriate for deployment (e.g. wireless backhaul) may not meet all of the stringent KPIs that are desired for vRAN. What are these non-ideal backhaul technologies and what are the non-ideal requirements?

Panel Attendees:
•       Chair: Helen Ojha, Founder, Collinear
•       Renuka Bhalero, Facebook
•       Stanley Chia, Vodafone
•       Ajay Rajkumar, Bell Labs
•       Gary Croke,  Aviat

Helen Ojha, Co-Founder, Director, Executive Vice President of Strategy and Corporate Development, Collinear Networks

Helen co-founded Collinear Networks in late 2013.  Presently she leads Collinear’s Strategy and Corporate Development activity, with responsibility for “over the horizon” strategic perspective and planning. Helen has been a senior executive in large management services and financial institutions, as well as founder and chief executive officer of successful startups in advanced software integrated systems for banking, investment, and customer services.  As a leading member of Cisco’s early initiative in software defined networking, known as AON, she worked with global stock exchanges and buy-side trading teams to lead the development and delivery of advanced, application-oriented and low latency network systems for high frequency trading.

Previously, Helen held the positon of Executive Vice President at Charles Schwab in San Francisco, where she was responsible for back office operations and process re-engineering. Helen spent her early career as Manager in Operations Research at Arthur D. Little, and subsequently as Partner in Management Services at Coopers and Lybrand, in Cambridge and Boston, respectively. She was one of the four founding members of Arthur D. Little’s first practice in Applied Artificial Intelligence and national leader of Advanced Technology Group at Coopers and Lybrand.

Helen has advanced degrees in Political Science and International Political Economy from the University of Pittsburgh and Cologne University, and has taught the same at Boston University.

Dr. Stanley Chia, Vodafone

Dr. Stanley Chia is CTO of Tomorrow Street, a joint venture unit of Vodafone Procurement Company and the Luxembourg Government. He has been with Vodafone for many years acquiring a broad spectrum of experience from product development to technology strategy and network operation. Dr. Chia is Vodafone Distinguished Engineer, Fellow IET, Chartered Engineer and Senior Member IEEE.

Ajay Rajkumar, Consulting Engagement Leader, Nokia Bell Labs

Ajay Rajkumar received a Ph.D. in Computer Science from Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, New York University. Dr. Rajkumar currently is the Consulting Engagement Leader with Nokia Bell Labs. Earlier he led the SDN and Programmable Networks domain in Mobile Networks CTO at Nokia. Dr. Rajkumar has received Bell Labs President’s Award for Design and Prototype of Base Station Router (BSR) which has since its early days evolved into Mobile Edge Computing and its concepts used to develop flat IP architectures across many different cellular standards. He has received another Bell Labs President’s Silver award for the first prototype that demonstrated seamless interworking across heterogeneous access networks for real-time applications.  Dr. Rajkumar led the mobile industry to develop standards that enable ubiquitous coverage across heterogeneous access and was the Founding Chair of IEEE 802.21 for Media Independent Handover. He was also a Member of the IEEE 802 Executive Committee Board. Dr. Rajkumar has been a frequent invited speaker at research labs, universities, industry and technical panels. He has many reviewed publications and has received more than 30 patents in very diverse areas of technology.


Gary Croke, Senior Director of Marketing and Strategy, Aviat Networks

Gary is responsible for global marketing and strategy at Aviat and he specializes in bringing to market innovative technologies for fixed and mobile networks. Gary’s 20-year career has included various leadership roles in marketing and product management in microwave/ wireless, IP routing and switching and SDN. Gary is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and holds a Bachelor of Electrical Engineering degree from Memorial University of Newfoundland in Canada.


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