Open API, Unbundled, Open Source, and Testbeds

Open API, Unbundled, Open Source, and Testbeds Topical Session

This panel will follow-up from the past successful IEEE 5G Testbed Workshop focusing on Open source, Open API, unbundled software and experimental testbeds for 4G, 5G and Beyond Telecom networks.

The objective of this panel is to bring together developers, practitioners, technical experts and researchers to share experiences and advance the state of the art in all aspects of 5G systems prototyping, evaluation, and testing that use Open source, Open API and unbundled Radio Access and edge core Telecom networks – RAN, EPC and higher levels.

The panel also aims to solicit contributions and promote discussion on the novel methodological studies and experimental paradigms for future 5G testbeds and co-development and co-deployment of experimental platforms. Of particular interest are ideas on extending publicly available testbeds with 5G related technologies as they become available and how they can be used to address common technological and scientific problems that are related to advanced wireless systems.

Topics Covered

  • Open Source Tools
  • Open Source Air-interfaces
  • Unbundled telecom networks, RAN, EPC
  • 5G testbed implementation and deployment including real-world lessons learned
  • Large scale experiment design and deployment
  • Testbed design for repeatability and reproducibility
  • Tools and services for testbed users and operators (including prototyping)
  • Experiments on federated testbeds
  • Experimentation with future wireless platforms including: Full duplex, Massive and distributed MIMO, cmWave and mmWave, D2D, V2V, V2I
  • Experimentation with integrated Cloud/MEC/Fog computing
  • Integrated Fronthaul/Backhaul with multi-tenancy and federation
  • Support for infrastructure slicing and isolation
  • Role of common and open source software tools
  • Network Slicing
  • Cloud RAN


Upkar Dhaliwal
Future Wireless Technologies