Technical Track: Work-in-Progress

Paper TitlesĀ 

Using Biologically-Inspired Foraging Approach for Spectrum Reconfiguration in Distributed Cognitive Radio Networks
System Capacity and Convergence Rate Evaluation for Downlink Power Control in 5G MDMA Cellular Systems
Initial Study on the Architecture of Field Observation in 5G Era
On The Advanced Services That 5G May Provide To IoT Applications
Developing a Cloud Computing Data Center Virtual Machine Consolidation Based on Multi-objective Fruitfly hybrid Cuckoo Search Algorithm
Blind Carrier Detection for Signals with Unknown Modulation
Millimeter Wave Massive MIMO with Alamouti Code and Imperfect Channel State Information
A Hybrid Mesh-Ring Topology for Bluetooth Networks
Combined Channel Gain and QoS-Based Access-Aware Cell Selection in LTE-Advanced HetNets
Proximity-based Mode Selection Scheme for D2D Communication Underlay LTE Networks
An Activity Analysis Model for Enhancing User Experiences in Affect Aware Systems
Energy-Efficient Downlink Power Control in mmWave Cell-Free and User-centric Massive MIMO