Technical Track: 5G Technologies

Paper Titles: 5G Technologies I

EIRP, TRP, Partial TRP and Radiated Immunity For 5G millimeter Wave Device Compliance
Optimal Transceiver Placement for 5G Indoor Wireless Networks in Terahertz Band
Modeling and Analysis of Dynamic Pilot Scheduling scheme for 5G Ultra-Dense Network
Sparse Code Multiple Access applied in the Generalized Frequency Division Multiplexing
Downlink Performance of MRC-BD in Multiuser Massive MIMO with Low Resolution ADCs

Paper Titles: 5G Technologies II

Local Area Data Network for 5G System Architecture
A 5G Radio-Light SDN Architecture for Wireless and Mobile Network Access in Buildings
Cost Comparisons of Backhaul Transport Technologies for 5G Fixed Wireless Access
A Centralized SDN Architecture for the 5G Cellular Network
Predictive Autoscaling Orchestration for Cloud-native Telecom Microservices

Paper Titles: 5G Technologies III

Adaptive Hybrid Beamforming with Massive Phased Arrays in Macro-Cellular Networks
Interference Mitigation via Beam Range Biasing for 5G mmWave Coexistence with Incumbents
Physical Uplink Control Channel Design for 5G New Radio
5G New Radio Physical Random Access Preamble Design
An Efficient Limited Feedback for Multi-panel based 2D Antenna Array

Paper Titles: 5G Technologies IV

Technology of point focusing of electromagnetic waves (spotforming)
Evaluation of Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding for 5G Massive MU-MIMO
Predicting Channel Transition for MU-MIMO Beamforming
Experiment: Investigating Feasibility of Coexistence of LTE-U with a Rotating Radar in CBRS Bands
A Semi-Blind Channel Estimation Algorithm for One-bit Massive MIMO Systems

Paper Titles: 5G Technologies V

Capacity Estimation for Self-Backhaul in mmWave Networks
Efficient Multirate Filter Bank Generation with Full Spectral Utilization
The capacity effects of relays in residential 5G networks
Sub-channel Allocation in SC-FDMA based H-CRAN
Using Non-Orthogonal Multiplexing for In-Band Full-Duplex Backhaul for 5G Broadcasting

Paper Title: 5G Technologies VI 

QoE-Driven Integrated Heterogeneous Traffic Resource Allocation Based on Cooperative Learning for 5G Cognitive Radio Networks
5G NR PDCCH: Design and Performance
Cellular and WiFi Co-design for 5G User Equipment
A Network Slice Resource Allocation and Optimization Model for End-to-End Mobile Networks
Multipath Propagation Analysis of 5G Systems at Higher Frequencies in Courtyard (Small Cell) Environment
Downlink Scheduling and Resource Allocation for 5G MIMO Multicarrier Systems

Paper Title: 5G Technologies VII 

A Comparison of Scheduling Algorithms for Wireless Access plus X-Haul
Using Sequence to Sequence Learning for Digital BPSK and QPSK Demodulation
Improvements in LTE-Advanced Time Series Prediction with Dimensionality Reduction Algorithms
Performance of Universal Filtered Multicarrier Channel Estimation with Different Pilots arrangements
Linear GFDM: A Low Out-of-band Emission Configuration for 5G Air Interface

Paper Title: 5G Technologies VIII 

High Order QAM Performance Under Phase and Amplitude Distortions
On the Ultra-Dense Small Cell Deployment for 5G Networks
Application of Quasi Orthogonal Short Sequence Families in Pattern Division Multiple Access – a Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access Technique
Optimal Frequency Hopping Patterns for FH-SCMA

Paper Title: 5G Technologies IX 

A Low-Complexity Method for Evaluating the Distance Spectrum of Polar Codes
Index Modulation with PAPR and Beamforming for 5G MIMO-OFDM
A Hexagonal Grid Based Human Blockage Model for the 5G Low Terahertz Band Communications