Technical Track: 5G Hardware and Test / Measurements

Paper Titles: 5G Hardware and Test / Measurements I

On Improvement of Channel Estimation for the Uplink of Large Scale MU-MIMO using DMRS
5G New-Radio Transmitter Exceeding 40% Modulated Efficiency
5G-NR Bandwidth Efficient Modulation Options for Efficient Link Operation that are Compatible with mmW Transistor Nonlinearities
Packaged High Power Frond-End Module for Broadband 24GHz & 28GHz 5G solutions
Feasibility and Challenges of Over-The-Air Testing for 5G Millimeter Wave Devices

Paper Titles: 5G Hardware and Test / Measurements II

Long distance and high bandwidth wireless link tests for a 39 GHz to 28 GHz 5G low-cost repeater
Evaluating Power Density for 5G Applications
A Miniaturized Dielectric-Resonator Phased Antenna Array with 3D-Coverage for 5G Mobile Terminals
CHRONOS: A Cloud based Hybrid RF-Optical Network Over Synchronous Links
First Commercial Hybrid Massive MIMO System for Sub-6Hz Bands