Technical Track: 5G Application and Services

Paper Titles : 5G Application and Services I

5G-based Converged Electric Power Grid and ICT Infrastructure
SDN/NFV, Machine Learning, and Big Data Driven Network Slicing for 5G
A Vision for the Next Generation Platform-as-a-Service
Reducing inequalities with 5G Internet Light Network Slice
Deploying ICN in 3GPP’s 5G NextGen Core Architecture

Paper Titles : 5G Application and Services II

Optimizing Over-The-Air Virtual Reality Broadcast Transmissions with Low-Latency Feedback
Interference Mitigation Methods for Unmanned Aerial Vehicles Served by Cellular Networks
Tomorrow’s Backhaul: Comparative Analysis of Backhaul Cost for Policy Decisions
Towards a taxonomy of differentiated service classes in the 5G era
Software Defined Networking in Next Generation Mobile Backhauls: A Survey