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This initiative is meant to actively promote the engagement of start-ups and new businesses in pioneering innovation in 5G. The 5G challenges are pretty well known by now such as latency and reliability, something of a holy grail. Shaving latency down to 1ms for a host of applications from virtual reality games to tele-medicine will be another one of the toughest challenges of 5G. Start-ups are invited to showcase their innovation in this track.


Keynote Speaker

Farooq Khan, PHAZR

Intrigued by early cell phones in the 1980s, Farooq Khan decided to turn his curiosity for “what makes them tick” into his career. And ever since, he has never doubted he made the right choice. Now, after three decades, Farooq is the leading authority on mobile technology and envisions a world where an Internet of connected people and things will make us more aware of humanity as a whole, creating a shared wisdom to solve the world’s greatest challenges.

Farooq Khan is currently CEO of PHAZR, a 5G Millimeter wave radio network solutions provider. Previously, he was the President and Head of Samsung Research America, Samsung’s US-based R&D unit, where he led high impact collaborative research programs in mobile technology. He holds over 200 U.S. patents, has written 50 research articles and a best-selling book, and presented over 100 speeches at professional forums worldwide.


Mahbubul Alam, Movimento

Mahbubul Alam is an international entrepreneur, technology and business executive with broad management experience. A frequent author, speaker and multiple patent holder, he currently holds the position of CTO/CMO at Movimento, a Delphi company, reinventing the company’s technology and strategy. He has been honored with the ‘2016 Bay Area CIO of the Year’ award finalist by the Silicon Valley Business Journal and the San Francisco Business Times. Alam was brought to Movimento in early 2015 to reinvent technology and strategy, leading a transformative era in which the company will help shepherd the auto industry through the biggest changes since the days of Henry Ford. Prior to joining Movimento, Alam spent 14 productive years as a groundbreaking technologist and strategist at Cisco on two continents. He began in the mobile technology arena, later working in a variety of business development and market intelligence capacities in Cisco’s Netherlands operation. Having developed a solid name in the company for far-sighted winning strategies, he was brought to the Silicon Valley to lead Cisco’s Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Machine-to-Machine (M2M) platforms in 2012.


Jonathan Brims, Immersive Robotics (IMR)

Jonathan Brims is the Chief Strategy Officer for Australia and Palo Alto based Immersive Robotics (IMR). IMR has developed a proprietary codec specifically for streaming VR video wirelessly and is a leader in the VR industry, conducting a world first POC of streaming VR video over 4.5G last year with an infrastructure partner. Since joining IMR, Jonathan has expanded the footprint of the company through North America and Europe, engaging key partners in the Consumer, Enterprise and 5G markets and speaking about CloudVR at VR/AR related events. VR & AR are key applications for 5G network stakeholders; a premium VR/AR experience over 5G can be monetized, which is essential for Infrastructure and Operator partners to commit the capital to implement the MEC infrastructure required for 5G VR/AR. IMR’s solution is uniquely suited to 5G networks as it addresses the problem initially from the perspective of ultra low latency and cable-equivalent image quality, both of which are key requirements for a premium VR experience.

“Named Seattle “Patent Law Lawyer of the Year” 2018 by Best Lawyers, Christopher Daley-Watson is known for advising companies on patent protection and patent enforcement strategies as well as for transactional counsel during high tech companies’ corporate financings and M&A transactions. His deal counsel includes patent valuation, due diligence, third-party patent analysis and preparation of S-1, merger, and patent sale and licensing documents. Christopher has particular practice depth in managing wireless-related patents and patent applications, and he has represented global market leaders on significant acquisitions to preserve market competitiveness. He is the founder and co-chair of the firm’s 5G Industry Group, which includes not only cutting-edge cellular wireless technologies, but also Internet of Things technologies.”


Praveen Gupta, Mobilestack Inc.

Praveen Gupta is a founder of Mobilestack Inc, a 5G startup, developing innovative Multi-edge solution by combining NFV/SDN, data science AI/ML and blockchain technology.  He has deep background in wireless technology with 8+ patents. He has worked in 1G for Hughes, 2G for Qualcomm, 3G for Ericsson and 4G for Verizon. Now, doing 5G as a startup to create 5G Enterprise and hotspot solution and enable Enterprise market for MNO.



Petri Hautakangas, Tupl

Petri Hautakangas joined Tupl on October 1st 2015 from Nokia. Petri is well known in the telecom industry across various continents, having worked in executive and senior positions in Japan, USA, China, Mexico, Brazil and Finland. In Japan, most recent position held was Nokia CTO for Japan & APAC markets. During earlier stint in Japan, Petri was instrumental in growing Nokia’s mobile network business six-fold from 2008 to 2011, reaching well over 1BUSD sales. Petri also worked in Greater Seattle area as CTO from Nokia towards T-Mobile, orchestrating new mobile network solution that millions of T-Mobile users are now enjoying. Prior to Japan and USA, Petri worked in Nokia Brazil to help build business from near zero to biggest Nokia operations in Latin America. During his time, Brazil office grew from less than ten people to over 300. Petri holds a MSC in Technology from Helsinki University of Technology.


Alex Katko, Pivotal Commware

Alex Katko is the Director of Product Engineering at Pivotal Commware. He oversees and manages Pivotal’s product development, delivering low-cost and high-performance antenna and radio systems to the market. Alex also leads Pivotal’s standardization efforts and is a regular delegate at 3GPP. As one of the inventors of Holographic Beamforming™, Alex works closely with Pivotal’s customers to bring beamforming to the forefront of radio access networks. He received his Ph.D. and M.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from Duke University, and his B.S. in Electrical and Computer Engineering from The Ohio State University.


Joy Laskar, Maja Systems

Joy Laskar received his B.Sc. in Computer Engineering (with Physics and Math Minors) from Clemson University and the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. Dr. Laskar is a co-Founder and CTO/SVP for Maja Systems. Dr. Laskar’s technical expertise contributions are at the intersection of Radio Frequency Electronics, Analog Electronics and Electromagnetics.   Dr. Laskar has co-founded 4 companies, co-authored 5 textbooks, published more than 600 peer-reviewed journal and conference papers, 60 patents (issued or pending) and graduated 41 Ph.D. students (while holding various tenured faculty positions at the University of Hawaii and Georgia Tech). He has helped pioneer the development of integrated high efficiency integrated Power Amplifier (PA) technology in both GaAs (co-founder of RF-Solutions and the primary PA solution for the Intel Centrino Platform) and CMOS PA  technology (incorporated into Qualcomm’s RF360 LTE Platform) and has investigated aggressive mixed-signal communication architectures resulting in Quellan.  Most recently he has helped pioneer the development of low power millimeter wave gigabit wireless circuits which has resulted in the founding of Maja Systems which is providing gigabit wireless connectivity and sensor products for Enterprise Connectivity, Data Center, Automotive ADAS and emerging 5G platforms.  Dr. Laskar is an IEEE Fellow.


Charles Myers, Airgain

Charles Myers has served as Airgain’s President & Chief Executive Officer and as a member the board of directors since 2011. Mr. Myers brings over 25 years of executive leadership in the technology industry, with management experience ranging from private, venture-backed startups to business units of Fortune 500 companies. He holds a M.S. with emphases in Finance and Engineering from Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Vinay Sathe, Patent Attorney

As an engineer with training in signal processing, Vinay especially enjoys his patent prosecution work in the areas digital communication, including 5G technologies. Vinay’s patent prosecution practice also includes a range of other electrical and computer technologies, including semiconductor devices, artificial intelligence, software technologies, and consumer electronics. A large part of his practice includes helping clients with patent valuation. Vinay has helped several clients perform due diligence for buying or selling patents related to wireless, video communication and encryption technologies. His patent practice also includes preparing and filing inter partes review (IPR) in front of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board of the U.S. Patent Office.

Vinay received his M.S. and Ph.D. degrees from California Institute of Technology, and his Bachelor’s degree from the Indian Institute of Technology, Mumbai, all with specialization in signal processing. During his 15+ years of engineering career, he was variously involved in projects including standardization of U.S. broadcast high definition television transmission, MoCA home networking and OpenCable standards. Vinay’s previous engineering work includes designing IC and software products for wireless communication, and digital video encoding/decoding platforms for digital cable and digital satellite networks. Vinay is a member of IEEE and enjoys keeping up with communication technology in his spare time.


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