5G Security and Privacy

5G Security and Privacy Topical Session

 5G with vision of “Everything connected” is to be deployed in integration with existing technologies by 2020. 5G has higher bandwidth, higher networking capabilities, and higher extensive signal coverage capacity, making it a possible for IoT into reality. The integration of the existing technologies with 5G is inevitable. These all lead to security and privacy as a challenging task in 5G.

Modern day adversaries’ targets include almost everything: user devices, access and core networks, home and external networks. Instead of an individual security mechanism, a systematically integrated approach is needed. 5G Security management a challenge to vertical industries, for instance, managing identities, performing authentication, defending against denial of service (DoS) attacks, and protecting confidentiality and integrity of service traffic.


Rajendra Hegadi 
Indian Institute of Information Technology

Lawrence Hughes
Sixscape Communications